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My Story

We all have a moment that changes the course of our lives. In terms of birth work, that experience was the birth of my second child. That birth and postpartum experience caused my soul to long for something more. I knew there had to be a better way of birthing than I had experienced. I knew there had to be information that I did not know. So I began searching. As I searched for my own answers and healing, a fire grew inside of my belly that I cannot explain.  I realized that it is my life's calling to support women as they do the awesome, brave, and challenging thing of bringing life into this world. 


I believe relentlessly in your ability to bring your child(ren) into this world. You are not broken, no matter what you may have been told or what you may have experienced. I will support you through whatever type of birth you desire and treat you like the queen you are. I support you in birthing however and wherever you want to birth. I do not restrict the location or type of birth that I attend because it is paramount that women have choices and freedom in birth. Every birth is a miracle and I would be honored to walk through this journey with you.

I view every interaction I have, every birth I attend, and every opportunity that comes my way as my chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world, that I might bring blessing and hope to every person who crosses my path.