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Bridget, James, and their new little boy

I had the most amazing experience with Ashley as my doula. She supported me throughout labor/delivery and talked me through what was happening. She also provided explanation to my spouse which he really appreciated. I will definitely choose Ashley again for any birth in the future because I truly believe my successful VBAC was a result of her dedication to helping me achieve my goal. I felt more confident with her by my side. She also is a kind person willing to answer any and all questions. Her arrival at the birth center was prompt and I will strongly recommend her in the future to any ladies I know looking for a supportive knowledgeable doula. Five stars all around as I enjoy my little two month old baby boy!! Satisfied mama here!

Bridget & James

Samantha and Derrick meet their baby

Ashley was wonderful to work with! This was my 2VBAC and we discussed so much during our pregnancy meetings, covering wants, needs, fears, etc and I felt so at ease getting to know each other. She was available for questions and concerns at any time along the way and eased my nerves when there were bumps in the road. When it became apparent I was in labor she was right there, arriving just as we were being checked in and stayed with us until after we had settled into the bliss of a new baby. She was calm, gentle, kind and a great guide when we needed guidance. She was able to guide Both my fiancé and I as needed. She even snapped some pictures of the birth for me which I will treasure! 

Samantha & Derrick

First time mom Melissa nurses her baby who is an hour old

Ashley was amazing during my home birth! It was my first, so I didn't really know what to expect or what I would need during labor/birth. So it was wonderful to have someone who not only had had a home birth themselves, but someone I was comfortable with. During our meetings beforehand, we practiced different moves and techniques in our home, which made me feel better prepared. When I went into labor, Ashley came as soon as we called her, and when I progressed quickly, she was the one to call my midwife and suggest she get to my house. Throughout the whole process, she was comforting, encouraging and attentive; she seemed to know what I needed before I did. I didn't feel like I had to ask for anything and I felt taken care of. She brought essential oils to put in my diffuser, which was so soothing. Her reboso ended up being a huge help during contractions - I don't know what I would have done without it! Afterwards, she gifted it to me to use as a carrier and I will forever cherish it.  It was important to me that my husband be an active part of things, but knew he wouldn't know what to do. Ashley was great at guiding him and suggesting things, or he took her lead. I'm not sure things could have went better with my whole birth "team," and I don't know what we would have done without Ashley as a part of it. I highly recommend her as a doula! 

Melissa & Jordan

I cannot say enough amazing things about Ashley as an individual, but above all a doula. I can have severe anxiety in new situations and seeing as I was about to experience my first birth I had a lot on my mind! From the moment I spoke to Ashley on the phone we hit it off. She had a calming voice, was extremely positive, and even laughed with me. When my husband and I met her for our initial consultation I had no doubt we were in caring hands. From the consultation, home meetings, and finally the birth and delivery Ashley was beyond supportive. She was extremely patient in listening to our worries and our wishes. She offered support and suggestions when it mattered most and never once put pressure on us to do things we did not wish to do. Ashley took the fear out of my labor and delivery. She kept my mind and physical state in the moment and provided me with the confidence that I could get through the hurdles that came my way. I truly feel that I gained a friend while working with Ashley. I know for sure when we have another child I will want her by our side.

Erin & Sean